Gu Wen   Senior Engineer


    Deputy Manager of Consulting Department


    Easen International

    Mr. Gu Wen has broad professional working experiences with state owned companies as well as the joint-stock companies, his focus covers from technical specifications to business management in  waters and electricity profession. While working in Tianjin city, Mr. Gu participated in several accomplishments of municipal infrastructure development  involving municipal drainage planning, project preparation ( from initiation through to approval, feasibility study, preliminary design, construction design and cost estimation, etc.), he actively participated in providing advisory on government’s business talks over investment in municipal sewage network, pumping stations, WWPT, etc.


    While working with one design institute, he completed and/or assist in the 300 design assignments;  while working with one consulting company, he completed 10 special project plans ,  20 investment plans of BOT, TOT, BT projects and the agreements between the governments and the investors thereof, capacity for these projects ranging from 3,000t/d to 150,000 t/d, the investment  from 8 million to 300 million.


     In the practice of consultation on water project investment, Mr. Gu has gained the skill to optimize project investment programming in providing satisfying service to  both the government and the investors according to their respective needs. Mr Gu has also learnt the negotiation skill useful in reducing the investment risk to the minimum, his competence recognized in strong adaptability and team work ability in conjunction with the many contacts built over years is very helpful to carry out the project to the satisfaction.