Candy Wang


    Social & Ethnic Minority / Gender Development Specialist

    Easen International

    Ms. Candy Wang (Chinese National) is a Social & Ethnic Minority / Gender Development Specialist. With over 4 years of experience working for projects funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank in China. Ms. Wang has successfully completed over 6 consulting projects in related fields in which she has gained deep understanding of Chinese governments’ practices and at the same time has helped to develop and implement specific ethnic minorities and gender development policies in order to protect these vulnerable groups.


    Throughout her project experiences, Ms. Wang’s work has focused mainly on assignments involving social assessment, ethnic minority development, gender development and handicraft promotion; furthermore, she is continuously involved in multi-sector projects financed by the ADB and the World Bank, providing overall support to EASEN’s business development activities through preparation of Expressions Of Interest (EOIs) and Proposal for biddings, as well as supporting project implementation through preparation of Project Reports and translation.


    Most recently Ms. Wang was recruited by the ADB for the implementation of the Turpan Women’s Ethnic Minority Cultural Tourism Development Project, where she takes the position of Social & Ethnic Minority / Gender Development Specialist. Her tasks include: (i) conduct stakeholder workshops and analysis with ethnic minority women to identify existing capacity, needs and interests; (ii) Analyze local tourism market opportunities and external resources for handicraft and home visit tourism marketing; (iii) design and conduct capacity building programs focusing on small business development and marketing, cultural tourism, traditional food preparation and storage, handicraft production, etc; (iv) prepare implementation plan, budget, monitoring indicators and schedule; and (v) design the contents and operating mechanisms for small business start up.


    Other Relevant Experience: Since 2009, Ms. Wang has participated in the implementation and preparation of several ADB / World Bank projects. She has been a project assistant / coordinator for the ADB Loan Gansu Baiyin Urban Development Project; ADB Loan Xinjiang Municipal Infrastructure and Environment Improvement Project; ADB Loan Xinjiang Urban Transport and Environmental Improvement Project; World Bank Loan Guizhou Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection and Development Project; World Bank Loan Ningbo New Countryside Development Project -Chunhu Town Infrastructure Development Component.