Guoli Chen


    Chemical Engineer (Organic Synthesis) & Cleaner Production Auditor


    Easen International

    Mrs. Guoli Chen (Chinese National) is a Chemical Engineer and Cleaner Production Auditor with over 26 years of experience working in the Water and Wastewater Treatment fields. During this period, including Mrs. Chen’s experience working for Renyuan Environmental Protection Construction Co., Ltd and Anquan Environmental Protection Construction Co., Ltd., Ms. Chen successfully participated in the completion of over 50 Engineering projects, over 5 Consulting projects and 2 Cleaner Audit projects in related fields. Mrs. Chen achieved the Chemical Engineer Diploma in 1993 and Cleaner Production Auditor Certification in 2010.



    Mrs. Chen’s work focuses mainly on the engineering of industrial and domestic wastewater treatment processes; nevertheless, she also has extensive experience in consulting for other environmental protection related projects. Throughout her career, Mrs. Chen has been actively involved in the design, installation management, commissioning, and acceptance of projects, including treatment processes for clean water, pure water, sewage, wastewater, and high concentrations of organic wastewater. She has also worked in diverse environments including Taiwanese and Japanese-invested enterprises in China.



    Mrs. Chen’s main tasks performed for Industrial Wastewater Treatment projects include proposal preparation, bidding, preliminary design, installation, commissioning and compliance works. Furthermore, she has worked in projects for a variety of industries including coating, printing, leisure golf, electronics, food processing, chemical pharmaceutical and ceramic etc.



    Mrs. Chen has provided consulting services mainly related to technology assessments for wastewater management projects. For these projects Mrs. Chen has undertaken tasks throughout the whole consulting process, among which are bid preparation, design review, summary and preparation of feasibility study reports, technical support, site visits, communication and contract negotiation with and for the client.