World Bank Loan Ma'anshan Cihu River Basin Environment Project


Easen International Co.,Ltd has signed the consulting service contract for WB Loan Ma’anshan Cihu River Basin Environment Project.


The Project has received a loan from World Bank of USD 100 million.The content of the project including:

(1) Cihu River Rehabilitation and Drainage Improvement. This component will rehabilitate the upstream and downstream areas of the Cihu River through slope protection, embankment strengthening, and ecological rehabilitation. It will also rehabilitate storm water pumping stations in the Ma’anshan City area.

(2) Rehabilitation of Tributaries and Drainage Canals. This component will rehabilitate tributaries and drainage canals in Huashan district and the Hitech Zone and will upgrade ponds used for storm retention basins.

(3) Environment Management and Monitoring. This component will design and implement a watershed scale water quality monitoring program and develop and publish a reference document for preventing and mitigating future contamination of water from mining activities and for ecologically restoring mined lands.

(4) Capacity Building and Project Implementation Support. This component will support Ma’anshan Municipality in coordinating and managing implementation of the project.


Easen will provide consulting service for the client and WB on the project for 5 years. The tasks including:


(1) detailed design review and review of bidding documents

(2) Environmental management and monitoring

(3) Project and contract management monitoring and reporting

(4) Monitoring safeguards implementation

(5) Financial management and accounting

(6) training