Kunping Zhou


    Deputy Director


    Easen International

    Mr. Kunping Zhou is a well experienced Project Manager working for international standard development projects in the PRC. Over the years Mr. Zhou -who completed part of his studies abroad and is fluent in English- has gained extensive experience focusing on the Environmental, Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building aspects of Water/Wastewater Treatment and Infrastructure Development projects funded by international and multilateral organizations in China (World Bank, ADB, USTDA, among others).


    With over 15 years of professional experience in Project Management and Implementation, Procurement Management and Operations, Municipal Infrastructures, and Environmental Management, Mr. Zhou is very familiar with Procedures and Policies relevant for projects financed by the World Bank and the ADB, among other International Funding Organizations.


    Mr. Zhou has actively participated in the successful completion of several development projects in China. Some of his most relevant work experience includes: Procurement and Environmental Specialist for the ADB PPTA Wuhan Urban Environment Improvement Project, Project Engineer for the World Bank financed Hubei Urban Environment Project (HUEP), Environmental Specialist for the ADB Loan Xinjiang Municipal Infrastructure and Environmental Improvement Project, Procurement and Contracts Management Specialist for the ADB Loan Songhua River Basin Water Pollution Control and Management Project, and Deputy Team Leader/ Procurement Specialist for the ADB Loan Hefei Urban Environment Improvement Project, ADB Loan Wuhan Wastewater Management Project, ADB Loan Wuhan Wastewater and Stormwater Management Project, and WB Loan Wuhan Wastewater Management Project.


    Currently, Mr. Zhou is the Manager of Consulting Services at Easen International Co, Ltd., a U.S. registered International Consulting and Engineering Firm, and a member of the Project Management Professional (PMP) Organization in Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. Further details can be found at