Peng Li


    Deputy Manager of Engineering,


    Easen International

    Mr. Peng Li is a well experienced Water Engineer and Clean Production Audit Engineer with extensive background in project management. While working for Development projects in China, Mr. Li has achieved the Certificates of National Registered Construction Engineer and National Registered Consulting Enginner. Over the years Mr. Li -who received training in domestic design institute and abroad, and is also fluent in English- has gained extensive experience in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Water/Wastewater Treatment and Infrastructure Development projects funded by international and multilateral organizations (World Bank, ADB, USTDA, among others) in China.


    Mr. Li relies on more than 10 years of experience working in the fields of Engineering, Construction and Procurement management, Project management, Water supply and Wastewater engineering, Environmental engineering, business development, fund raising and project financing, and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) assessments. In addition to his technical strength, Mr. Li has proven to be highly efficient in developing and managing projects with successful delivery on behalf of the client. Mr. Li has served in many complex infrastructure projects for both the public sector and private enterprises.


    During his time in the development sector Mr. Li has actively participated in the successful completion of several development projects in China. Some of his most relevant working experience include: Chief designer for Jiangyin Leachate Treatment Project, Chief designer for Changzhou Leachate Treatment Project, Project Director for Kohler Zibo WWTP EPC Project, Project Implementation Manager for Huangshi Leachate Treatment EPC Project, Project Manager for Jinmao Tower WWTP EPC Project, Commissioning Engineer for Chuzhou Brewery Factory WWTP EPC Project, Project Engineer & Designer for Hangzhou Wild Zoo WWTP EPC Project, Project Manager for Yizheng Harbor WWTP Project, and Project Manager for Huzhou Leachate Treatment Project.


    Currently, Mr. Li is the Deputy Manager of the Engineering Department at Easen International Co, Ltd. Further details can be found at