Yongxing Industrial Park Soil Remediation Project

Project Background

In January 2012, the Yongxing Municipal Government selected EASEN to conduct a soil remediation process for farmland contaminated by a noble metal refinery in the Yongxing County Industrial Park in China’s Hunan Province. For this project, EASEN’s team of experts will conduct sample analysis to determine the contaminants in the soil in order to further restore the soil to conditions suitable for landscaping.


After testing the soil, EASEN’s environmental remediation experts will determine the land use history, the hydrological and geological characteristics, and the distribution and level of pollutants in the site’s soil. EASEN’s team will then devise the most economically and technically feasible process and develop a remediation action plan.


Project Objectives:

  • Analyze the effects of toxicity in the soil
  • Reduce human health risks due to pollution
  • Improve environment by stabilizing the heavy metal contaminants
  • Restore the land function for landscaping and forest use


The project will be in compliance with China’s solid waste management and remediation standards.




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